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Ours is a Spirituality of the Heart

sacredheart sbw 300

The Sacred Heart of Jesus (2010)
© Stephen B Whatley | Used with permission

"I pray that this painting brings great hope, healing, courage, joyous relief and overwhelming peace of mind and heart to all those who view this painting which I felt compelled to create, with deep prayer, on January 13th 2010." - Stephen B Whatley

The spirituality of Jules Chevalier MSC was driven by his conviction that God’s love is boundless and unconditional. It embraces every person, regardless of who we are, where we are, or what we may have done. This conviction coloured his way of living, the spirit in which he lived his life, his spirituality.

God’s greatest expression of love for us was the gift of his Son, Jesus, who in his human heart showed us God’s love for us and for each person. God asks only that we, with our human heart with innate goodness together with its limitations and failings, love God in return. Furthermore, God asks us to love each person who comes into our life with a love that reflects God’s love.

We find in Jesus’ heart the full range of emotions – hopes and fears, joys and sorrows – that we experience. We see in his life how to use the opportunities of daily living and our ordinary interactions with people to show forth God’s love and make it tangible in our world.