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Mary, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

Mary did not receive the Son of God only into her body, but into her entire being as woman. By Jesus becoming human, God assures us that the unique condition of woman is an essential element in his extraordinary and wonderful plan of coming to live among us.  When we reflect on the way Mary herself sees her life journey, we see that she creates space in her being in order to accept the human Jesus and all the Good News of salvation. She enters into a personal relationship with Christ, developing her gifts of tenderness, perceptivity, and listening.  Mary makes her special gifts of intuition and sensitivity effective in the service of Christ’s mission.

As the first disciple, Mary is a role model for each of us in our relationship with God, through the heart of Jesus, and in our relationships with others.

In gratitude for all the great things the Lord has done through her, our founder, gave Mary the title Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. This title focuses on the relationship of love between Jesus and Mary, the same relationship of love we are invited to participate in and have with each other.

“Father Jules Chevalier gave us our name to honour Mary as Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the one chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus.  By her response in love and in total availability to the Holy Spirit, she gave Jesus his humanity, following him even to the cross.” (FDNSC Constitutions No 4)